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Following Grandpa’s Footsteps: Roger Luurtsema & Allison Luurtsema #TBT Story

“I chose Davenport because I wanted instruction that was practical and directly applicable to my career,” Roger Luurtsema explained.  Now, […]

Alumni Success Story: Kate Gadbois, ’12

As a child, Kate’s family repeatedly told her she should be an attorney due to her exceptional ability to argue. […]

Alumni Success Story: Pat McPherson, ’06

From stump grinding to mopping factory floors, Pat McPherson ’06 has had some dirty jobs. But, thanks to his interest […]

Alumni Success Story: Mohamad Abdulkader Agha, ‘03

Chancellor Emeritus Donald W. Maine called it fate. Mohamad Abdulkader Agha ‘03 called it meant to be. Their serendipitous relationship […]

Alumni Success Story: Stacie James, ’98

After landing a co-op position at Kellogg Company as a student just over 22 years ago, alumna Stacie James ‘98 […]

Alumni Success Story: Linda Monusko ’13

Alum inspired by life’s challenges We are honored to feature Linda Monusko ’13 as our Alumni Success Story this week. […]

Alumni Success Story: Ellen Garrison ’00 ‘05

As the CFO of Accroseal, Ellen Garrison ‘05 is responsible for all aspects of accounting, human resources and operations. Ellen […]

Alumni Success Story: Annie Olds ’03 & ’06

We are proud to feature Annie Olds as our Alumni Success Story this week. Annie serves as the Northwest Regional Director and […]

Alumni Success Story: Sarah Gombar, ’13

Even though Sarah Gombar, ‘13, is a natural born planner, she never could have planned to be the Head Women’s Lacrosse […]

Alumni Success Story: Deb Marshall ’06

Motivated by the desire to create a better life for her children, Deb Marshall ’06 is no stranger to hard […]

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