Davenport’s medical laboratory specialty enables students to make an impact in health care

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical laboratory science field offers great career stability and growth potential. 

Those graduating with a bachelor of science in Biological Laboratory Science from Davenport University are uniquely poised to launch careers as a laboratory scientist, research associate, or technician in academic, industrial, medical, and government settings. 

“Students working toward this specialty will learn from renowned experts and practitioners in fields like biology, chemistry, pharmacy, hematology, and immunology, ensuring that they receive top-notch instruction and guidance,” said Gerald Nyambane, dean of Davenport’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Biological lab science involves researching, analyzing, or producing medications, vaccines, or other genetically modified products, such as plants or animals for human consumption. This career field is ideal for those who want a hands-on science career.

Students enrolled in this program who have a passion for health care can pursue Davenport’s medical laboratory specialty and learn how to leverage their skills and knowledge to contribute to medical science and patient care. 

The medical laboratory specialty prepares students for roles in clinical settings where they will analyze biological samples to support the diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions. They will also gain essential soft skills such as communication and teamwork. 

The medical laboratory specialty will: 

  • Give students the ability to use their skills and knowledge to make an impactful contribution to health care upon graduation.
  • Prepare students to sit for the medical laboratory scientist (MLS) certification exam administered by the Board of Certification of the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

For more information, please visit https://www.davenport.edu/academics/areas/arts-and-sciences/bachelors-biological-laboratory-science


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