Davenport’s housing options help students feel right at home

College students have many important decisions to make before they even step foot in a classroom. Topping that list includes whether a part-time job fits their schedule, what classes they should take, and where they will live.

Davenport University makes finding an on-campus apartment easy by offering five great options on its Lettinga Grand Rapids campus.


South Hall: First-year students looking forward to living on their own will be excited to call South Hall home. This residence hall is unlike any you’ve ever seen and is home to the university’s dining hall, so you’ll never go hungry. Click here to learn more about South Hall.






Cook and Meijer Halls: Cook Hall has separate floors for first-year students and upperclassmen, while Meijer Hall is reserved for upper-level students only. Click here to learn more about Cook and Meijer Halls.






Panther Woods Apartments: Panther Woods apartments are reserved for upper-class students and are just minutes from campus. Click here to learn more about Panther Woods.






Panther Ridge Apartments: Panther Ridge Apartments are reserved for upper-class students and are a short distance from campus. Click here to learn more about Panther Ridge.




For additional information on Davenport’s housing options, including photos, visit here!

To see a guided virtual tour, visit here!

In addition to great housing options, there are so many other reasons to stay on campus.

Those who stay on campus are rewarded with the complete college experience and are immersed in all the action. This includes experiencing the hustle and bustle of daily campus life and being able to sleep in because classes are minutes and, in some cases, steps away from your front door.  

Let’s not forget about food. College students love to eat and will not be disappointed with what Davenport has to offer. Students have easy access to several dining options, including the main dining hall, which Niche.com recently ranked 8th one of the top 10 colleges with the best dining options in Michigan.

Senior Riley Kinnee, who will earn degrees in business administration and human resources in April, has lived both on and off campus and says what she loves most about living on campus is the convenience it offers.  

“Everything is so close by. Whether you are going to class, going to dinner in the “caf” with friends, or meeting classmates to study for an exam, you never have to go very far,” she said. 

Ella Wagner will earn a bachelor’s in marketing in December and said it is easy to make new connections when living on campus because you are surrounded by other students. 

“I love living on campus because classes are so close by, and you live with your friends, so you’re never alone,” Wagner said. 

Another reason to live on campus is the safety aspect. Davenport’s W. A. Lettinga campus was named the safest campus in Michigan in 2021 and is among the safest universities in the country, offering peace of mind to students and parents alike.

Additional reasons to stay on campus include:

  • It’s easier to participate in extracurricular activities and fun events hosted by Campus Life.
  • It’s easier to become involved with student organizations. 
  • You can take advantage of the Student Activity Center.
  • The Center for Learning and Engagement offers opportunities to study, collaborate on projects, and receive in-person services. 
  • You’ll be close to the Wellness Center, which offers health services and counseling. 
  • The athletic complex is just minutes away, which is convenient for athletes and those who want to attend sporting events.

 Andrea Prins, director of Residence Life, said living on campus at Davenport means that students will have safe and affordable housing with easy access to everything they need and will also form lasting friendships.

Resident advisor Keith Nemasango couldn’t agree more and says living on campus has been an excellent experience for him. 

Living on campus has allowed me to meet so many people with different backgrounds and attend school events,” said Nemasango. “I think it’s important, especially for freshmen, to live on campus because it’s easier to be involved with the campus community and to make lifelong friends.”


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