Nurses needed: Don’t make these mistakes when applying to nursing school

A recent study by the Michigan Health and Hospital Association confirms the extent of the nursing shortage that has been increasing since the pandemic. COVID-19 is cited for pushing early retirements and nurses leaving the profession. The association, in the fall of 2023, found there were more than 8,000 vacant nursing jobs throughout Michigan. Davenport University is filling the need for more nurses by offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees from multiple campuses around the state. If you are getting ready to apply to nursing school, there are some common mistakes to avoid. 

Mistake 1: Underestimating the admissions exam  

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a nursing school admission exam that covers reading, English, math and science. This exam plays a significant role in determining whether or not a student is admitted to their school of choice.

To be considered for admission, applicants must score within a certain percentile of other applicants. The qualifying percentile ranges by year and by university. For instance, Davenport University encourages applicants to aim for a minimum score of 70 in each category and advises them to strive for a score in the 80s to make the application stronger and more competitive.

If you don’t feel like your test results accurately depict your knowledge, retake the test. Beyond the small test fee, there is no harm in retaking the test for a better score, especially if it means you’ll get into your top choice.

While most universities host test preparation sessions, there are also several online resources that can help you prepare.  

Mistake 2: Choosing the wrong references  

While your best friend or family member would give you an excellent recommendation, it’s best to provide professional references who can explain why you would be a great nursing student. Choose from a teacher, athletic coach, manager, or mentor. Experts recommend that applicants not use personal connections as professional references. 

When you ask for a reference, be sure the person can commit to the task. Include all the details about why you’re asking and a due date. It’s essential to cover things like which program(s) and school(s) you’re applying to and any specific details you’d like them to mention in their recommendation.  

Show gratitude for your reference’s time. This could be a simple thank you email or, if you want to do something a little more special, send a handwritten thank you note.  

Mistake 3: Not proofreading your materials  

The nursing application statement is your chance to showcase your true passion for nursing. Make sure you set aside enough time to write a well-written, carefully planned statement that paints a picture of your desire to help others and your aptitude to succeed in nursing school.

Once you’ve written your statement, return to it a day later for proofreading, and then have someone else look it over with fresh eyes. It’s easy to overlook small errors of your own. You can also use the free tool Grammarly

 Now, get ready to ace your nursing application to Davenport

Now that you’ve read about the top three mistakes nursing faculty see applicants make and learned how to avoid them, you’re ready to apply to Davenport University. We all know that’s not a mistake.  

 Learn more about our BSN pre-licensure program and how to apply today.


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