Davenport University and Henry Ford College enter into Learn4ward partnership

Leaders from Davenport University and Henry Ford College hosted a public event today to sign an agreement for joint acceptance into both institutions. The Learn4ward: Henry Ford College and Davenport University Online + partnership guarantees transfer to Davenport for qualified students after they earn a Henry Ford College associate degree. The program also links HFC students with resources available at Davenport as soon as they enroll and sign up for the program.

The innovative agreement, signed December 4 on the Henry Ford College main campus, enables community college students to seamlessly navigate their educational journey by eliminating barriers to a university transfer.

One unique aspect of the partnership is that HFC students may choose to complete their Davenport University bachelor’s degree entirely online. Graduates who earn any associate degree at HFC and meet the minimum criteria will be eligible.

Davenport University President Richard J. Pappas said students will not lose any credits or time.

“Higher education has to be about innovation and new ways to ensure students can earn the degrees they need to get the careers they want,” said Pappas. “This partnership is a testament to our joint commitment to provide accessible and streamlined educational opportunities. We believe this will empower students to pursue their academic aspirations with greater ease and efficiency.”

The collaboration is designed to meet students where they are, and provide a clear and straightforward pathway to two high-quality college degrees that will provide access to meaningful careers.

Henry Ford College President Russ Kavalhuna said the agreement with Davenport is part of the future of what higher education should look like.

“This partnership advances our collective goal to provide seamless access to high-quality post-secondary degrees for Michigan residents,” said Kavalhuna. “It also provides our communities with exceptional value on their investment in higher education. This agreement demonstrates our commitment to our students’ success through a clear, direct route to achieve their career and life goals, and to contribute to the economic success of our great state.”

Because students will be connected to both Henry Ford College and Davenport University, they will be able to take advantage of the support available from both institutions concurrently. For example, both institutions provide 24/7 multilingual tutoring in a virtual environment. Other services include career counseling and academic advising through both schools.

Enrollment in the Learn4ward program will begin in the Winter 2024 semester. Interested students should reach out to the Admissions department at Henry Ford College. Learn more about beginning this Learn4ward partnership at Henry Ford College here and more about connecting with Davenport University here.


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