Davenport University welcomes a record number of on-campus students during move-in

The first day of move-in at Davenport University in Grand Rapids on August 31 saw a record crowd of students, family and friends moving into its housing units. More than 900 students will live on campus this year, part of one of the largest classes in the university’s history.

Davenport President Richard J. Pappas was on hand to greet students, and even helped make a few trips up the stairs with boxes and bags. He said students are attracted to Davenport in part because they can pursue their goals, graduate, and find jobs waiting for them when they earn their degree.

“I’m excited,” said Pappas. “This is the beginning of a journey for all of these students who will have fun, learn, and make their dreams come true. We care about each student. We spend a lot of time with each of them, making sure they get the skills, not just the knowledge, to run the first day of work when they start that new job.”

Students came from all over Michigan and the country to study in areas including business, cyber security, urban education, nursing and other health professions. They also were happy to meet Onyx, Davenport’s therapy dog, and her handler, Brett Windsor.

Joe Bishop, executive director of Campus Life, was also helping with move-in, one of the busiest days in university life. He said Davenport is known as a close-knit community in which people feel safe, secure and seen.

“This is our favorite day of the year, Bishop said. “It’s exciting to have so many new students come to campus, move into our wonderful facilities and be part of the Davenport culture. We want to make sure students are supported and connected to peers and colleagues and that Davenport feels like their second home, so they flourish and grow into whatever they want to be.”

Classes at Davenport begin September 5.



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