Davenport student is a ‘visible force’ in business

At 19, Davenport sophomore James DeMorrow is making things happen. The Lettinga Campus finance major recently launched his own muscle recovery supplement company.

invisible-force-story“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset, even as a kid,” said DeMorrow. “I started at 16 by picking up sticks for quarters, mowing people’s lawns and doing landscaping. I wanted to gain experience and see how a business might work.”

DeMorrow graduated from Caledonia High School in 2021 and started his business the following year. He said his overall goal has always been to run his own company and when the opportunity arose, he jumped. “I had nothing to lose by getting started,” he said. He learned how to start an LLC and hired a designer to assist with packaging.

He said much of his learning has been through trial and error. “I started by reading books and watching YouTube videos to learn the basics and then adapted from there,” he said “I put things to the test and learned what worked and what didn’t. Now, I am learning from my Davenport professors who have been in business and speak from experience.”

DeMorrow,  a finance major minoring in marketing, said the Grand Rapids community has been great about supporting local businesses like his. As a result, he has been participating in a number of events in the Grand Rapids area.

During this past year, he’s been busy with publicity and podcast appearances to promote his product. He’s also recruiting program ambassadors to help spread the word about his company.

DeMorrow is now focused on creating a motivational gym and activewear clothing line for launch later this year.

“My brand is all about motivation and helping people live healthy lifestyles,” DeMorrow said. “Whether it’s a degree or a job you’re pursuing or physical fitness, you can do anything you put your mind to.”

When asked what advice he’d give others looking to start a company, he said “I was like ‘what do I have to lose?’ and it’s been a great journey. I’d say to go for it. It’s a risk–reward and I’d recommend doing it.”


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