Scholarship helps make college more affordable

To make college more affordable to families Governor Whitmer established the Michigan Achievement Scholarship where high school students, graduating in the class of 2023, will be eligible for more financial aid from the state of Michigan. 

Students must complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility. If eligible, students can qualify for up to an additional $20,000 throughout their college education at an independent college or university. 

These scholarships are renewable for up to three years at a community college and five years at a private or public university. Eligible students can earn up to: 

  • $8,250 at community college 
  • $20,000 at a private college or university 
  • $27,500 at a public university

This scholarship aims to grow Michigan’s talent pool and to help the state get closer to its sixty by 30 goal which is to increase the number of working adults with a college degree, or skill certificate, from 49% now to 60% by 2030. 

Eighty percent of students who will attend an independent college or university in Michigan are expected to qualify. Learn more here and make sure to fill out your FAFSA.


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