5 tips to help you succeed during finals week

The end of the fall semester is approaching and that means finals are too. You may be feeling stressed or anxious about your final exams, research papers, or projects but there’s no need to worry. Check out these five tips on how to feel the least possible pressure, and to make sure you succeed during finals week: 

Build a study plan

When it comes to studying for a big test it’s best to start early. If you know when your finals are scheduled, it is smart to start studying at least a week or two before. This gives you time to review all of the notes you have taken over the semester and review other types of course material. A study schedule that consists of 25-minute increments, including a 5-minute break is also another great strategy to work into your study plan. 

Limit distractions

It is easy to get distracted when studying, especially when your phone is nearby. If needed, silence your phone or put it in another room. If you need a study break, avoid looking at your phone. Instead, try going for a walk, stretching, or eating a snack. 

Switch up your study space

Having a quiet and peaceful study space is essential. However, it also helps to change up the places where you study because it helps you retain what you learn. Try studying in different rooms of your home or apartment, try visiting the library or even your favorite coffee shop. 

Attend all class reviews

Professors often go over study reviews the week before the final exam. Take advantage of it! The review will most likely cover the information on the final exam, so it is best to show up, participate, and take notes. Also, take the opportunity to ask questions on anything you may be struggling with. 

Take time to relax

It’s important to simply just take a deep breath and relax. Ensuring you make time to rest will help you be more focused when it’s time to take the exam. All the time and effort you put into studying will pay off! 

Don’t hesitate to seek help if you need it. Davenport offers tutoring services that can assist you in all of your classes. The wellness center is also a great resource if you’re struggling and need counseling support.


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