4 online class formats to suit every student

Davenport’s digital suite of learning formats offers students the flexibility they need, without sacrificing the quality experience they deserve.

Learning isn’t one size fits all. And it shouldn’t be. That’s because everyone has their own style of learning.

Online+, Davenport’s digital suite of learning formats, allows students to customize their education experience. With on-demand, livestream, flex, and blended course offerings, everyone can find what works best for them.

To get the most out of your digital learning experience, explore Online+ below.


On-demand is on your time. This flexible format has no set class times or meetings. Each week, your professor will post assignments online and provide instruction through a combination of video, audio, and text. You’ll take part in group projects and participate online, as you wish, for a flexible, but still immersive, asynchronous learning experience.

You might like this class format if:

  • You’re a self-directed learner
  • You like to build your own schedule
  • You have a busy life


Stream and participate in a live class, from wherever life takes you. This synchronous course format will have set class meetings that you will participate in online. Your instructor will lead each class live via web conferencing and students will interact with each other and their instructors through audio, video and text.

You might like this class format if:

  • You’re comfortable/confident with technology
  • You like a structured course schedule
  • You prefer face-to-face interaction with classmates and your instructors, but you don’t like commuting to campus


Select from in-person, on-demand or livestream formats for each week’s classes. Students have the flexibility to alter their selection as often as they would like. Join how you can, where you can – and when you can. Sit in class on campus to learn one week, and sit on your couch to learn the next—the choice is yours!

You might like this class format if:

  • You like trying new things
  • You’re able to shift easily between real-time meetings and on-demand formats
  • You don’t have a fixed schedule but still want face-to-face interaction and the option to attend regular class meetings


The best of both worlds — offered in our seven-week courses, there will be a combination of in-person learning and on-demand coursework. This format offers students both stability and flexibility — all without any surprises.

You might like this class format if:

  • You’re a self-directed learner
  • You want to be on campus sometimes, but also don’t want to commute every time
  • You’re able to shift easily between traditional, on-campus classroom formats and on-demand formats

No matter what kind of learner you are, Davenport has an online+ class format that’s perfect for you.

If you’re still concerned about your ability to succeed in an online setting, check out 5 tips for succeeding in online courses. If you’re a Davenport University student, you can also take advantage of our online tutoring services.


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