The ultimate list of student discounts [part 1]

No matter where you go to school, if you’re like us you don’t like to pay full price for anything – that way you can save enough money to stay on budget or maybe even do something fun. As students, we help build the economy and community around us, so it’s only beneficial that businesses dole out some discounts and freebies. In fact, there are so many student discounts to show you that a “part 2” was necessary, so stay tuned!

Below is a long list of student discounts and information on how to take advantage of them. These should help you save some dough on things college students spend the most money on. Remember – always carry your student ID because you never know where another discount may be hiding. Now get ready to type out your .edu email address. Happy savings!

Digital subscription discounts

If you’re reading this article, it means you probably use the internet. And we bet you also use it to access digital services like Spotify, Hulu or Amazon. If that’s the case, then being a student can save you a good chunk of money. Let’s take a closer look at some of the digital subscription discounts you can score as a student.

Amazon Prime Student

Signing up for your own Amazon account is a big step towards living independently but Amazon Prime can seem expensive for someone on a college budget. With Prime Student, you get the first six months free. After that, it’s just $7.49/month.

Being a member gets you free two-day shipping on most items, free unlimited photo storage, free streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies, and lots of other cool perks that you can read about in this Amazon Prime Student review.

If you use all the perks included, then it could be a worthwhile deal for you. That being said, if you’re more interested in just streaming music and movies (and don’t do much online shopping), then it could be a better deal to go with Spotify + Hulu + SHOWTIME.

How to get the discount: All you need to do is enter your .edu email address when you sign up.


It can be tough to find time to sit down and read a book when you’re a student, especially when you’re trying to stay on top of all your reading assignments. This is where Audible can help. It gives you access to professionally recorded audiobooks on pretty much any subject you can imagine. You can listen to them while you’re at the gym, walking to class or commuting to campus.

With Audible for Students, you get three audiobooks per month with free exchanges if you don’t like a title for only $9.95/month – plus get a $10 Amazon credit when you sign up. If you’re trying to find ways to read more books, then Audible is a good place to start. And if you’re looking for books to get you started, check out our list of Essential Books for Students.

How to get the discount: Sign up for Audible here.

Spotify + Hulu + SHOWTIME

Many of us love having background music available at any time or like listening to podcasts while working or driving. Some of us probably listen to music or turn on the TV while studying for background noise. Whatever way you enjoy your entertainment, Spotify, Hulu and SHOWTIME have put together an amazing deal for students. While Spotify does offer a great free option, you won’t get all of the paid features like ad-free content, the ability to download your playlists to save on data, etc.

But the amazing news is – you can get Spotify Premium, Hulu and SHOWTIME for just $4.99/month. Plus, you get the first month for free!

How to get the discount: Enter your .edu email address when you sign up on Spotify.

Apple Music

Maybe you don’t care about Hulu or Spotify, but you still really need to listen to Harry Styles, Taylor Swift or Morgan Wallen. Totally understandable. If that’s the case, you can get Apple Music for just $4.99/month + FREE Apple TV+.

How to get the discount: Sign up for Apple Music and then enter your .edu email address.

Software and app discounts

Software, in general, can be expensive. There are several options out there for software that can help build a skill set or broaden your learning. Davenport University offers its students several pieces of software at a discounted price or even for free. If you’re not a Davenport student, ask your bookstore what discounts they offer.

If you are a Davenport student, you have access to Office 365, Microsoft Imagine Premium and Amazon’s AWS Educate Program. Check them out here. Davenport also has an agreement with JourneyEd, which you can check out here. JourneyEd offers exceptional discounts on computers or tablets and software like Adobe, Sony, CorelDRAW and tons more.


Github is the industry-standard platform for hosting and reviewing code, managing software projects, and collaborating on software with other developers. It has options for individuals and teams to work on the following types of projects: code review, project management, integrations, actions, packages, security, team management, social coding, documentation and code hosting.

When you sign up for Github’s Student Developer Pack, you’ll get free access to dozens of software development tools that would normally cost hundreds of dollars as well as free credits for services like AWS and Digital Ocean.

How to get the discount: Any student over the age of 13 is eligible, regardless of major. All you need to sign up is a valid school-issued email address, valid student identification card or other official proof of enrollment. Learn more and sign up here.

Office 365

We already mentioned that you might be able to get free access to the Microsoft Office Suite through your college. But if you don’t want to go through your college, you can get free access to Office 365 Education as a student. The package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Microsoft Teams.

How to get the discount: All you have to do is visit this page and enter a valid school email address.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Students can get the full suite of Adobe products such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects and more for just $19.99/month – a 60% savings off of the usual price of $52.99/month.

How to get the discount: Visit this page, click “Buy Now” and then enter your .edu email address when prompted to do so.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is one of the premier music production programs on the market. It’s what professional producers use to create all kinds of music, and it’s normally pretty pricey. As a student, you can get 40% off of LIVE 10 Standard or Suite. There are steps to follow to prove your student status. However, a discount that can save hundreds of dollars is worth it if you’re committed to creating your own music.

How to get the discount: Read more about the Ableton Live student discount here.


While there are lots of competitors, Evernote is still one of the best note-taking apps out there. It lets you organize your notes and sync them across all of your devices. Lucky for you, students can get 50% off their first year of Evernote Premium, which lets you attach files and sync across an unlimited number of devices.

How to get the discount: Visit the Evernote Students page and sign up with your .edu email address.


Ulysses is a big competitor of Evernote. While they both serve the same purpose, they differ in terms of use and availability (Ulysses is available only for MAC and iOS). Students can save almost 50% on a subscription to Ulysses, letting you take more notes and spend less money.

How to get the discount: Visit the Ulysses for Students page, download the app to your Apple device and enter your student ID information.

Shopping discounts

Okay, maybe most things you’d want to buy are available on Amazon with free two-day shipping. But if you prefer to buy directly from a store, are looking for certain exclusive discounts or are shopping for something you need to try or look at in person first, there are plenty of places where being a student can save you cash. Let’s take a look.


If you’re buying a new laptop or other tech for college, you can get 8% off at Lenovo. All you’ll need to do is verify your student status using ID.ME.

How to get the discount: Visit the Lenovo Students & Teachers Discounts page.


Looking to buy a Surface computer, laptop or tablet? You can save 10% as a student.

How to get the discount: You’ll need a Microsoft account to get access to the discount (which is annoying, but you’ll need it anyway if you’re getting a Surface). Then, you’ll need to enter your .edu email address to verify your student status. Get started here.


If you only buy Apple products or want to compare with your PC options, check out the Apple Education Store.

How to get the discount: Visit the Apple Education Store, find the product you want and follow the steps to purchase.

Best Buy

Best Buy offers different student discounts depending on the time of year. As a student, you can sign up for Student Deals to receive exclusive offers. Best Buy will also price-match sites like Amazon, meaning that you can effectively get free “same-day delivery” on items you’re willing to pick up from the store.

How to get the discount: You’ll need to sign up for a free My Best Buy account and then enroll yourself in the college student discount program using your school email address. Get started here.


Students can get 25% off purchases at From keyboards to mice, webcams to speakers and headsets, get a great discount on Logitech products online.

How to get the discount: Sign up for an account at, then verify your student status through UNiDAYS.

Special discount sites and programs

To finish part one of our ultimate list of student discounts, let’s discuss a few different discount websites and programs that you can sign up for as a student. All but one of these are free to join – all you need is a valid .edu email address – and they all get you great discounts.


UNiDAYS is a free deals site that gives you access to discounts on food, clothing, tech and more. It’s free to join, just use your .edu email address. Deals are available on both services and products. The most beneficial thing about UNiDAYS is that so many companies use them to verify your student status. By signing up with UNiDAYS, the tedious work of student status verification is already done. Sign up for one website, and it leads to hundreds of discounts from hundreds of brands and companies.

How to get the discount: Sign up on UNiDAYS using your .edu email address. is a free digital identity verification service. They offer a variety of student deals if you verify your student status through them. They have all kinds of discounts available on shopping, services, casinos  and travel.

How to get the discount: Just sign up here with your .edu email address.


StudentRate is the classic student discount site. It’s free to join and they give you access to all kinds of deals on tech, travel, services, school supplies, and more.

How to get the discount: Sign up here using your .edu email.

Whew – that’s a lot of discounts!

We’ll be serving up part two of this list soon, which includes discounts on entertainment, travel and more.

Keep in mind that just because a discount is not listed here, doesn’t mean the company won’t offer you a discount. Most companies have several types of discounts available that may apply to you for other reasons besides being a student – it never hurts to ask.

And don’t forget to carry your student ID at all times – you never know where another discount may be hiding!

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