Davenport University joins Lansing Promise to enhance scholarships for Lansing students

Today Davenport University and the Lansing Promise announced a new partnership to create more scholarships for Lansing students. Through this new agreement, Davenport University will offer Lansing Promise recipients an additional $10,000 per year for 4 years toward earning their bachelor’s degree.

“Davenport University is committed to creating greater opportunities for students and through this partnership will ensure Lansing-area students will have the means and support to achieve a bachelor’s degree in our state’s fastest-growing industries of business, health, technology, and urban education,” said Dr. Richard J. Pappas, president of Davenport University.

The Lansing Promise scholarship will provide eligible Lansing high school graduates with $10,000 over their first two years of schooling at Davenport University.

Students that live, attend school and graduate within the Lansing School District boundaries (from 9th through 12th grades) are potential Promise Scholars. Upon acceptance, each Scholar is eligible to receive gap filling tuition assistance at Lansing Community College, Michigan State University, Olivet College and now Davenport University.

“At the Lansing Promise, we believe in the inherent worth of every young person in this city and we are glad to know that our friends at Davenport University believe too,” said Justin Sheehan, executive director of the Lansing Promise. “This work is about building identity, a sense of belonging and real opportunity for all of Lansing’s young people, and Davenport understands the vision. We are pleased to have Davenport joining the work of the Lansing Promise as we walk with our young people into their brighter futures.”

Established in 2012, the Lansing Promise is a place-based scholarship program providing financial assistance to eligible high school graduates within the Lansing School District’s geographic boundaries. Since its launch, the Lansing Promise has helped more than 1,622 students start their college journey with nearly 600 students graduating and more than 60,000 credits earned.

Students interested in this opportunity should send an email to info@davenport.edu. The team will work with the student to determine their eligibility, help ensure they get the proper information submitted and ease the process of application. Information about the new partnership is also available at davenport.edu/lansingpromise.


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