4 Things students should do during their first week of college to help them succeed

1. Get organized

Keeping track of class assignments, deadlines, and things happening on campus will help you stay ahead of the game. Get a planner or use a calendar on your phone to track everything. Getting organized will allow you to plan your day around your classes and help you take advantage of breaks to work on assignments. Being proactive during the day will lighten up the work you have to do in the evenings. Time management is crucial for helping each student succeed and not feel overwhelmed.

2. Get to know the campus

Walk around and check things out. One of the best ways to feel comfortable in a new setting is to familiarize yourself with where things are located. This will help you be on time and less stressed when you need to find a specific spot. Make sure you pay special attention to the locations of restrooms and of course… food. While you are exploring, put your phone away and keep your head up. Being present will help you remember where everything is. Who knows, you may even make a new friend or see some friendly faces while exploring. If you are an online student, make sure to get comfortable with the platform you will be using to log into your courses and do any required training prior to your first day of classes.

3. Get connected in the classroom

Establishing a connection with your instructors and classmates will help you get engaged in your coursework. Get to your first day of class early and get a good seat. Talk to the students around you and also to your instructor. They want to get to know you and will be an excellent resource for you. Try to participate in class discussions and ask questions. If you are an online student, you can do this through your online platforms as well. You have an awesome opportunity to be surrounded by expert instructors, and other students who are interested in the same area of study– take advantage of it!

4. Get connected outside of the classroom

College is not just about the classes, it’s about the experience. Start exploring ways to get connected outside of your coursework. Is there a student organization you can join? What about intramural sports or an opportunity to volunteer? Finding what you are passionate about and getting involved often helps new students gain a sense of belonging.


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