Davenport launches a three-pronged initiative to support veterans

A second career is closer than you think.

You don’t earn the distinction of a “military-friendly school” without making a concerted effort to support veterans through their collegiate careers. That is why Davenport University is actively tackling several challenges on veteran’s behalf with a three-pronged initiative to address costs, credits, and speed-to-degree.

Military experience = college credit

Did you know some universities and colleges will accept your military experience as college credit?  Depending on the role you played in the military and the amount of time you served, universities will review this experience and attribute specific credits, making it that much easier for you to earn a college degree.

For instance, Davenport recently launched a Military Credit Equivalency Grant offering more than 600 available course equivalency credits for military personnel and veterans. The program enables veterans to earn a four-year degree in as little as three years.

Davenport is one of only seven universities in Michigan to be awarded the Military Credit Equivalency Grant, providing funds to propel Davenport’s already-established and valued program forward.

Davenport first launched its Military Credit Equivalency program nearly five years ago through its Veterans to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (VBSN) academic pathway. Through this work, the team has achieved significant results, including:

  • Increased retention of military medical nursing students from 75% to 90%
  • Increased graduation rates to 60%, exceeding the national rate of 53% (NVEST)
  • Enabled a 100% pass rate of the nursing board exams (NCLEX)


Scholarship opportunities through your employer

There are thousands of scholarships available to active military and veterans. It’s important to explore your options and determine which makes the most sense for your personal education goals.  Each grant or scholarship varies in size starting at $500  up to $10,000, each requiring a different application process.

Another great opportunity may be available through your employer. Employers often provide scholarship or reimbursement programs for their employees to attend college and earn advanced degrees.

For example, Davenport recently collaborated with the Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency (MVAA) to offer a new veteran-friendly employer scholarship to provide additional financial support to an entire workforce to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree or pursue professional training. The program currently grants employees at more than 400 veteran-friendly certified businesses and agencies across Michigan unique scholarships at Davenport in recognition of their employers’ commitment to those who have served our country.

Guaranteed acceptance

If you have completed one year of service, Davenport guarantees your acceptance into its college. This new program is intended to make it easier for veterans and active military to start their college education. As long as you have a year of military service and a high school diploma or equivalency, you may be eligible.

Learn more at davenport.edu/military


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