Supporting Michigan frontliners

While much of the world transitioned to working from home during the pandemic, frontline workers didn’t have that luxury. They had to face COVID-19 head-on. The term ‘frontline workers’ refers to individuals who are working on the so-called ‘front line’ of a business or service. Most of these essential workers saw an increase in hours and added stress regarding what was required of them during the pandemic. Frontline workers can include, but are not limited to, healthcare workers, protective service workers such as police or EMTs, grocery and general store employees, production and food processing workers, janitors and maintenance workers, and more. Davenport is recognizing their hard work, through the offering of the Beyond Future Frontliners Scholarship program to support these individuals in their journey of continuing their education.

In Michigan, a scholarship is available to residents who are essential workers who were impacted by the pandemic. Davenport University is taking this one step further in offering these individuals an additional scholarship opportunity. “We applaud the state’s efforts to support our frontline heroes and want to extend additional support for these individuals,” said Davenport University President Dr. Richard J. Pappas. “We stand ready to further their education with degree programs, professional development, and career services to help them quickly take the next step in their education and career.”

Davenport’s Beyond Future for Frontliners Scholarship provides up to $8,000 for up to 30 credits per academic year, for up to four years and is prorated per credit hour. The scholarship will support students who graduate from a community college with the state of Michigan’s Future for Frontliners scholarship and are looking to earn a bachelor’s degree or certificate or take additional professional development programs to enhance their skills.

This is the second offering the university has put together to support those affected by COVID-19. Last year, Davenport introduced the Launch Scholarship, offered to anyone who had lost their job due to the pandemic. The Davenport University Career Services Department also provides career assessments and transition strategies to those unemployed because of COVID-19, training for interviews, and resume and cover letter development

Individuals interested in taking advantage of this program can visit, call Davenport University at 800.686.1600, or send an email to


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