Alumni Success Story: Vincent Conrad Douglas Jr.-Austin, AAS ’14, BS ’16

Vincent Austin

Vincent Conrad Douglas Jr.-Austin, AAS ’14, BS ’16, found value in the career services department during his time at Davenport. He credits the Lansing department for not only helping him on his job hunt but also as acting as his sounding board for career goals and endeavors. Now working as the IT Business Analyst at the Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget Austin reflects on what prepared him for his career and what advice he’d give 2020 graduates.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your position at the DTMB?

I’m still learning about my job as I’ve just been promoted to my new position. However, DTMB has been a truly great company to work for over the past three years and I find my fulfillment in knowing that I play a major role in helping the state government with their IT needs.

Have there been some innovative projects or initiatives you’ve been a part of in your job? 

The State of Michigan has been the first state to move the school bus inspection from a paper process to a website.  Although I wasn’t a part of the project getting off the ground I have spent the last 3 years maintaining that application and enhancing it as needed. The more effective the application, the better inspections can be done and tracked, and the safer kids that ride Michigan buses are!

What prepared you most for this job or to move up in your company?

Having a great manager and team prepared me for promotion more than anything.  Learning from those I work closely with and setting a plan in place for upward mobility makes succeeding much more likely than failing to plan. If you fail to plan… you plan to fail.

What piece of advice would you give a 2020 graduate who is entering the workforce today?

Get in touch with your career services coordinator to help you. Of course, you could look for a great career on your own… but the career services coordinator is paid to help you succeed. Not to toot her horn but Cindy Whittum at the Lansing campus is amazing! She has helped me find the last two companies I have worked for and truly set me on a path for success.  All I had to do is tell her my goals and my concerns and we worked together to address my concerns while accomplishing my goals! Thanks, Cindy!


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