5 online class formats to suit every student

The word “college” probably drums up an image in your mind of packed lecture halls and students strolling across campus. Obviously, the landscape of college education has changed recently and many students are trying to figure out how to still get the best education they can while staying safe. While you might feel unsure about what the future holds, know that at Davenport University we’re prepared: we’ve been perfecting our online learning for over 20 years.

Everyone has their own style of learning—and everyone has their own preference when it comes to class formats. Some people love online learning, while others crave in-person interaction. Some people like a consistent schedule to keep themselves on track, while some students prefer to work at their own pace. That’s why Davenport offers a range of class formats so you can learn in your ideal environment.

Anytime online

Our anytime online classes are just that. With no set class times, work is completed by yourself without organized class meetings. Your professor will post assignments online each week and provide instruction through a combination of video, audio and text. You’ll take part in group projects and participate online for a flexible, but still immersive, learning experience.

You might like this class format if:

  • You’re a self-directed learner
  • You like to build your own schedule
  • You have a busy life

Real-time virtual online

If you like online classes but prefer a structured schedule, you might like our real-time virtual classes. With set meeting times, these classes mirror traditional college class formats—but instead of a lecture hall, you’ll participate online via Blackboard Collaborate. As your professor instructs via web conferencing, you’ll use audio, video and text to participate and Blackboard to submit assignments, tests and group projects.

You might like this class format if:

  • You’re comfortable with technology
  • You like to stick to a structured course schedule
  • You prefer real-time interaction with classmates and your instructors, but you don’t like commuting to campus


Our blended courses offer the best of both worlds—anytime online and real-time virtual online—at an accelerated schedule. Blended courses are completed in seven weeks instead of the traditional 15 weeks so you can fast-track your learning. You’ll learn through a combination of set class meetings (either on campus or online like our real-time virtual courses) and independent online interactions in Blackboard.

You might like this class format if:

  • You’re a self-directed learner and you like to learn at a faster pace
  • You’re comfortable with technology, but still want some real-time interaction
  • You’re able to shift easily between real-time meetings and anytime online formats

In addition to three class formats mentioned above, we also have two exciting new course delivery methods that are being piloted and introduced to a select number classes across campus – virtual reality and the flex classroom.

Virtual reality

We recently announced the expansion of our virtual reality pilot program so you can get the campus experience at home. Create your own avatar, navigate the virtual campus as you “walk to class,” and sit in your virtual classroom while your instructor leads class like they would in an on-campus class.

You might like this class format if:

  • You like trying new things
  • You enjoy real-time online interaction but dislike video conferencing

Flex classroom

Another exciting new course format, flex classroom, lets you combine traditional on-campus classes with real-time web conferencing and anytime learning via Blackboard. With this format, you have the flexibility to choose to attend each class in person, in real-time virtual online, or access as an anytime online course—and you can alter your format each time the class meets. Sit in class to learn one week and sit on your couch to learn the next—the choice is yours!

You might like this class format if:

  • You like trying new things
  • You’re able to shift easily between real-time meetings and anytime online formats
  • You don’t have a fixed schedule but still want real-time interaction and the option to attend regular class meetings

No matter what kind of learner you are, we have the class format that’s perfect for you. With the flexibility we offer, you can schedule your classes knowing that even if circumstances change, you won’t have to put your education on hold. So, while other plans might seem unsure, you can be sure that your education isn’t one of those at Davenport.


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