Alumni Success Story: Arnaldo Melendez, M Ed ’17

Arnaldo Melendez

Arnaldo Melendez, M Ed ’17, is not only a graduate of Davenport’s College of Urban Education, but he is also an adjunct instructor in its Master’s program. As an instructional administrator at GRPS Melendez enrolled in Davenport’s classes as a natural progression to his teaching certification, but soon realized the value in teaching the program to educators like himself.


What is the most fulfilling aspect of your position and/or the school district you work for?

As an instructional administrator, it’s fulfilling to be able to create and build a strong vision and mission in the school which allows all students to become successful learners.

My position as an adjunct instructor has two benefits; supporting and guiding teachers to become highly effective in their field, and then later being able to work together as professional educators.


Have there been some innovative projects or initiatives you’ve been a part of in your job?

There have been several major highlights after I graduated from the Masters of Urban Education Program back in 2017, but two stand out from the rest. First, I was invited by the College of Urban Education to work as an adjunct instructor. Right after I began teaching for the College of Education, I was also invited to collaborate with another adjunct instructor, Cynthia Brown, to create and design the Special Education Field Experience course which I teach.


What prepared you most for this job in your school?

Completing my Masters of Urban Education degree at Davenport. This program pushed me to become not only an effective educator but also a leader in the field of education. Many doors of opportunities opened for me after receiving my M. Ed.


What piece of advice would you give a 2020 graduate who is entering the teaching workforce today?

My advice to fellow educators would be to remain focused on your professional goals, create a system of support for yourself, and continue improving your teaching practices through professional development opportunities.


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