Davenport University partners with Emergent Holdings to offer employees Corporate Education Scholarships

Davenport University recently developed a partnership with Emergent Holdings to offer a Corporate Education Scholarship. The scholarship will make education affordable for Emergent Holdings employees through Davenport University.

The Corporate Education Scholarship, an initiative between Davenport University and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, will create opportunities for leading in-state companies to provide educational benefits to their employees. As a continued contribution to the State of Michigan initiative, the Corporate Education Scholarship ensures that top businesses in Michigan can make education accessible and affordable for their workforce.

“With Michigan’s growing economy, our state is facing an endless demand for strong talent within our expanding workforce,” said Davenport University President, Dr. Richard Pappas.

“With this program at Emergent Holdings, we’ll be able to empower employers to tackle this issue head-on by leveraging one of their most invaluable resources – their employees,” said Pappas.

“The growth and success of Emergent Holdings is dependent upon attracting and retaining the best people in our industries. It’s our people who make a difference to our customers and in the states where we do business,” said Darcy Kerr, Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

“We are extremely proud of our partnership with Davenport University because it enables us to offer our employees new opportunities for learning, development and career growth through the Corporate Education Scholarship. Ultimately, this transforms the future of our company,” said Kerr.


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