Two Davenport University Leaders Named ‘Notable Women in Education Leadership’

Dr. Karen Daley, dean of the College of Health Professions and Lisa Howze, vice president of Davenport University’s Detroit campus and strategic partnerships, have been named to the 2019 Crain’s Detroit Business Notable Women in Education Leadership list.

Both honorees were chosen for their outstanding leadership in education and their notable contributions to Davenport University. Both have campaigned for and implemented changes to improve student and faculty experience; changes which have helped move education forward.

Dr. Karen Daley, Dean of the College of Health Professions

After realizing ordinary teaching methods were no longer effective as technology became more prevalent, Dr. Daley created simulation labs that engage students and prepare them for real-life scenarios. Daley, who is always looking to improve students’ education, also created a primary care initiative for registered nurses in the Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) pre-licensure program.

Daley also initiated a veteran-focused BSN (VBSN) program that allows military veterans to receive educational credits for their experience. The VBSN program is ultimately credited for increasing retention and graduation rates of military nursing students at Davenport University.

“I am lucky to have an amazing team of faculty and staff, and the support of Davenport’s leadership team – without their hard work and dedication, these accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible,” said Daley.

In addition to making an impact at Davenport, Daley is an active member in the community. She is a committee member and Davenport representative for the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute (GRAAHI) and the Kellogg Foundation’s “Pathways to Healthcare Careers.”

“Dr. Daley infuses our institution with wisdom, accountability and intentionality. Because of her commitment, GRAAHI can increase access, matriculation and academic progression for students of color. Her efforts as an educational leader reach well beyond Davenport University and directly impact the lives of high school students, college students, colleagues and organizations across the state of Michigan,” said GRAAHI Executive Director Micah Foster.

Lisa Howze, Vice President of the Detroit Campus & Strategic Partnerships

Howze, who has been with the university for the last two years, has established her vision for improving graduation rates, student satisfaction, employee engagement and growth at Davenport’s newest campus in Detroit. Howze played a large role in opening the Detroit campus as well as staffing and marketing it.

In addition, she ran the campus’ first Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx) courses for employees of the City of Detroit and helped establish corporate education partnerships with DTE Energy as well as TEAM Schostak in the area.

“Davenport University is uniquely positioned to close the talent gap in the city of Detroit,” said Howze. “Whether they are in the manufacturing, healthcare or government sector, or in the service industry, we understand the market’s needs and we know how to help employers achieve their goals.”

Davenport University partner manager, Kelly Wandel, describes Howze’s commitment to education and growth in Detroit.

“Lisa is very passionate about her work and she intends to make a difference in Detroit and in education. She is confident, creative and effective,” she said. “Lisa comes to education with a very different background than most – she is an accountant and former government official. Her perspective is unique, making her ideas for growth creative. Her attention to detail is superlative, boosting her leadership and her ability to see opportunities.”

Howze uses her experience as a politician to regularly connect with policymakers to discuss financial support for Davenport University through the Michigan Tuition Grant. She is also a lifetime member of the National Association of Black Accountants, where she mentors students and young professionals.

“We’re working hard to increase educational options for high school students and adults in Detroit through programs that fit into their lives,” she said. “Our goal is to remove barriers to advanced education. We want to help them advance their careers and create a legacy of learning in their families.”

Congratulations to Dr. Karen Daley and Lisa Howze.

The Crain’s Detroit Business Notable Women in Education Leadership list honors notable women based on their career accomplishments, track records of success in the field, contributions to their community and mentorship of others. You can find the original Crain’s Detroit Business articles covering Daley and Howze’s accomplishments via the links below.

Dr. Karen Daley
Lisa Howze


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