Davenport University, Mercantile Bank of Michigan Partner to Offer Education Scholarship

Newly established partnership offsets education costs for Mercantile Bank employees and dependents

Davenport University recently announced that it has developed a partnership with Mercantile Bank to offer an educational scholarship to their employees and dependents.

With the unemployment rate for Michigan as low as 4% in March 2019, organizations must find new and creative ways to respond to the “War for Talent.” Mounting evidence demonstrates that an organization’s investment in education and development of its employees nets positive results related to employee loyalty, production, engagement and support.

“Davenport is creating an effective pathway to help employers address Michigan’s growing talent gap by creating educational opportunities for their existing workforce,” said Davenport University President Dr. Richard Pappas.

“With this program and the partnership we have created with Mercantile Bank, we are able to make it easier for their employees and customers to take the first step towards an advanced education and a successful career.”

“At Mercantile we have an incredible group of employees, and with this opportunity, we’re able to invest in their success and development,” said Ray Reitsma, president of Mercantile Bank.

“With an already strong benefits package, and by adding this opportunity to the mix, our employees can build their education and skills to elevate their job performance and opportunities, which are all very important to us.”

Mercantile Bank employees and dependents may use their scholarship to offset the costs of degree programs or professional development courses offered at Davenport. The university is working with Mercantile Bank to ensure their employees understand the program and take advantage of the opportunity. They are hosting regular meetings to encourage participation.

With this partnership, Mercantile Bank joins DTE, Biggby and Emergent Holdings as an employer investing in employee education. Learn more about Davenport University’s IPEx and the Corporate Education Scholarship here.


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