The Davenport Story within Nolan Transportation Group

Nolan Transportation Group has given Davenport University students the opportunity to turn internship experience into full-time career opportunities. Two students tell their story of how Davenport played a huge role in their journey.

Dan Bajema

  • Regional Broker Service Manager
  • Internship Manager at Nolan Transportation Group

How is Davenport different from other schools?

Davenport is involved long-term in each student’s internship experience, they keep in contact and provide expectations. This really stood out from other schools, Davenport students always fit the bill,” Dan Bajema said.

Keagan Miller

  • Davenport University Alumni
  • National Account Manager / Freight Broker at Nolan Transportation Group

Tell us about your Nolan experience:

I started off as a full-time intern at Nolan Transportation Group and became a full-time employee as their National Account Manager after I graduated in May, 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The environment is fun and youthful, I was able to make connections instantly. Nolan treats their interns the same as full-time employees, with high expectations and full support. My internship manager, Dan Bajema consistently pushed me to challenge myself and never settle for average. It was the right choice to start my career locally and I am prepared to take these skills learned to any other company, should I ever want to move on.

What is your Davenport Story?

I came to Davenport from the 3+1 program at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. One of my DU instructors, Marjolijn van der Velde, knew all the right questions to ask in order to keep me thinking and get the most out of my internship experience. Davenport allowed me to have this full-time experience, earning above minimum wage for my experiential learning requirement. Some folks I know worked other jobs but did not earn and learn like I was able to. If I were to give any advice, I would say you need experience, it is the only way to truly be hands-on. Davenport gave me those opportunities and helped guide me into the position I am in now, I will never forget their support along the way.

Cindy Pham

  • Senior at Davenport University
  • Logistics Intern at Nolan Transportation Group

Tell us about your Nolan Experience:

I am currently doing my internship for Nolan Transportation Group as a logistics intern and I love it. NTG mainly hires people through referrals so when a salesperson I know told me about the position, I jumped at it right away. My duties include calling dispatchers, tracking shipments or building loads for brokers. I set a daily goal of making 100 calls a day and keep track to measure to my success. Nolan has a fun family environment, you can see it and hear it the moment you walk in because of the music and entertainment always going on. The staff at NTG are so welcoming, I plan to continue on when my internship is over.

What is your Davenport Story?

At times I was afraid I would never have the opportunity to go to college with travel and financial challenges. Davenport made me feel comfortable and greeted me with open arms to study Business Administration. The DU staff flowed so well together. In career services, Career Coach Eric Cross helped review my resume to apply for the internship position I am currently in at NTG. My academic advisor, Susan Goetz, and internship manager Brandi Melkild helped guide me through the internship process. Davenport has allowed me to bring my coursework into real-world settings. My DU Business Information Technology course gave me the skills to understanding and building excel work sheets. Other coursework such as Professional Writing allowed me to transfer skills such as empathy and gratitude when conversing with customers, so I never damage a relationship. I knew Davenport was my home, and my internship has allowed me to incorporate my learning every day.

DU has 6 other Alums at Nolan Transportation and a new intern this Fall. The Operations / Logistics internship is currently open on PantherJobs in Grand Rapids, Detroit and 8 other locations across the country.

For more information on how to get your career started via internship visit:

Spring / Summer 2019 Course Application deadline is January 15th


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