New Health Services Admin Completion Program Offers Fast-Track Affordability

Already ranked as one of the best and most affordable programs in Michigan by organizations such as College Affordability Guide and The Best Schools, Davenport’s bachelor’s in health services administration just got even more accessible and affordable.

Through a new completion opportunity, people who have an associate degree and are working as a licensed or credentialed health care professional can begin work on their bachelor’s with 73 of the required 120 credits already earned. This head start is accomplished via 60 transfer credits for an associate degree and 13 advanced standing credits for current professional credentials or licensing, leaving just 17 courses to complete.

As a result, people who already have great clinical skills — i.e., medical assistants, radiology professionals, dental assistants, associate degree nurses and other certified health care professionals – can more easily advance their careers by gaining the specialized knowledge and skills required for management positions, reports Linda Sorensen, department chair and interim associate dean.

“If you meet the criteria, the number of credit hours you need to take is significantly reduced. So you can complete the degree by taking fewer classes, which translates to less cost as well,” she says. What’s more, it’s possible to earn the degree entirely online if that’s preferred to attending on-campus classes.

Data indicate strong job growth in health services administration, with even more to come. Employment of medical and health managers is projected to increase 20 percent between 2016-2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That makes this new completion program a timely response to a fast-growing employment trend, offering advantages to students as well as health care organizations with jobs to fill.


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