Alumni Success Story: Bilal Mushtaq, MD, MBA ’12, ’14

Bilal Mushtaq, MD, MBA ‘12, ’14, was able to utilize Davenport’s online programs to acquire a masters and postgraduate certificate while pursuing his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. As a result, he was able to better leverage into his position as chief medical officer at Harmony Consulting Solutions (HCS). Read more about Dr. Mushtaq’s educational journey:

Tell us about yourself. Family, life, background, interests…
In 1998 I moved to the United States from Pakistan at the age of 17. I attended Mac Arthur High School in San Antonio for a year before completing a bachelor of science in biology from the University of Texas-San Antonio. After completing my undergraduate studies, I enrolled at Windsor University School of Medicine on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and Nevis. At that time, I was able to start my MBA in health care management with the online program at Davenport University.

I completed both my clinical training and MBA in 2012. I was fortunate to have two tracks available as a career. I chose to pursue the administrative route and was blessed to get a job with a progressive healthcare organization.

I saw a great opportunity to grow within the healthcare administrative track which I was able to solidify by enrolling and eventually completing a postgraduate certificate at Davenport in strategic management.

I am currently the chief medical officer at a healthcare consulting company. I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois with my wife and 2 children. My job is remote and I work from my home with some travel to the office in Tampa and client visits all across the country.

In a nutshell, what do you do as CMO of Harmony Healthcare?
As CMO of Harmony Consulting Solutions (HCS), I lead all clinical services efforts to help healthcare organizations ensure clinical accuracy, minimize risk, and drive revenue recovery and compliance.

What has your journey been like through the health care industry?  How did you come into the position that you were appointed?
Having a clinical and administrative education with an MD and an MBA. Both degrees have certainly positioned me better to grow within the health care industry. I started my career as an administrative intern which then progressed into jobs within acute care hospital’s revenue cycle management with a concentration in the clinical documentation improvement department. With the combined training and knowledge of medicine and business, I was able to land leadership positions throughout my career.

Tell me why you picked DU for your masters.  How did the strategic management certificate facilitate your job duties in the workplace today?
The Caribbean medical school I was attending was offering a concurrent online program through DU. I attended the initial information session which really sparked my interest in pursuing the degree. It was paced very nicely with the MD track. It was a decision that was career changing for me.

What was your experience like as an online student?
It was tough in the beginning, especially since I had no exposure to business studies as an undergraduate. I had to learn how to balance the workload with the MD degree. The online format was very clear on expectations and due dates which were critical in my success of completing both degrees at the same time.

My advisor, Amy Ostrow, was the best. She always kept me aware in advance of classes and checked in regularly. I wouldn’t be able to complete my degree without her.

What are you passionate about?
I enjoy challenges, with the complexity of the healthcare industry in the United States. It has become my passion to deliver the best results and outcomes for healthcare organizations.

Are you in your dream job or what would that look like?
Absolutely, Harmony Consulting Solutions (HCS) has a strong pedigree of delivering the best consulting solutions to their clients. With my position as CMO, I can use innovative and unique ways to overcome and solve complexities in the healthcare industry.

What do you do when you are not working?
I like to spend time with our friends and family. I am an avid basketball fan, being from San Antonio, Texas I have been a San Antonio Spurs fan since I first moved to the city. I still support and root for the silver and black.

Who inspires you in your work, life, and/or volunteerism?
My inspiration is my father, who worked hard all his life to make sure that my siblings and I have the best life. Because of his sacrifice and hard work, I was able to move to the United States to pursue higher education and position myself to achieve my dream career.

Talk about your family’s values.
My parents taught me to respect everyone and to work hard. That’s been my motivation throughout my life and has been the key to my success as a human being in all aspects.

How would you like to be remembered?
As dedicated, family-oriented and hard working.


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