Davenport University’s work with Amway earns national recognition

Davenport University’s Institute for Professional Excellence was recognized by Chief Learning Officer Magazine with an Excellence in Academic Partnerships Award.

A national program, the Learning in Practice Awards, recognize industry leaders who demonstrate excellence in design and delivery of employee development programs.

“Davenport University excels in its ability to create strong partnerships and collaborate with professional groups to develop, plan, and deliver customized training solutions,” said Daniel Rundhaug, Executive Director of IPEx.

The Amway Leadership Certification Program is a well-established partnership combining Amway’s global business model with Davenport expertise and commitment to educational excellence. Amway and Davenport designed a program that blends self-guided instruction, discussion based learning, and live engagement.

In coordination with Amway, DU facilitators devised learning strategies to combat leadership concerns and address the five critical topics for development. Together, they created a 4-week learning cycle for the five topics of development titled FLARE:

  1. Fuel – Integrated Harvard Manage Mentor self-study modules and Davenport curricula
  2. Learn – Amway blackboard learning platform for efficient student access
  3. Apply – Course details including discussion questions, job aids, work tools and application exercises
  4. Reflect – Student workbooks to track learning action plans and development ideas to share in coaching
  5. Evaluate – Two one-on-one coaching sessions focused on each participants development

Utilizing this cycle, DU faculty facilitates these leadership topics with a focus on applying learning through interactive, live virtual classroom discussion boards, application activities and action plans.

Participants of the program come from various Amway facilities in countries around the world. With a global audience, Amway and DU intentionally designed the program to establish some clear best practices for accommodating participants in all time zones.

“We are pretty excited to have been able to develop an effective, global educational resource that has now earned national recognition for its success,” Daniel Rundhaug said.


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