Facilitator Spotlight: Bill Altena

Bill is a high energy trainer who brings together over 28 years of management and training experience to create and deliver training content that allows real life application. He has been facilitating the SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) HR Certification prep course for over six years within IPEx.

Q – Why do you teach with Davenport University?

A – Davenport allows facilitators the ability to use a wide variety of teaching techniques to support student learning. For me, it’s the ability to help students in the field of HR, with various levels of experience and knowledge, become more proficient in their careers.

Q – What impact does the training have on your students / how does the training set up the participants for success?

A – A unique part of the SHRM HR Certification course I teach is that it is designed to help individuals pass a nationwide certification called the SHRM CP or SCP (Certified Professional or Senior Certified Professional). In the class each week, I am able to see individuals becoming more comfortable and confident in the materials and classroom activities.

Q – What is your most most memorable moment as an IPEx facilitator?

A –  My most memorable moment comes after each semester when I receive an email from a student that has passed the certification. To hear the excitement and pride in their email is probably the best part of teaching.  

Q – What is the best advice you’ve received?

A – I would have to say the best advice I received was from my first boss out of college as a retail manager. He would often see how upset I would get when people weren’t doing the things the way I thought they should. He said to me, “don’t focus on how they do it, focus on the result.” It was an eye opening moment to the idea that maybe not everyone sees things the way I do, and that is OK.  

Q – What is the best advice you can give?

A – My advice is pretty simple, do what you love. In my role as a facilitator and teacher working with people every day, I get to do what I like best every day. It makes work a whole lot more fun.

Fun facts about Bill

Has delivered over 6000 hours of training content to more than 7000 participants worldwide in the last 17 years.

Certified to facilitate in topics such as accountability, situational leadership, business acumen, leader effectiveness, and diversity.


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