Facilitator Spotlight: Tod Schwartz

Tod Schwartz is a new instructor at the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx). Schwartz has been instructing the APICS CPIM Certification program for fourteen years, as well as other supply chain certification programs and seminars. He has worked as an ERP and Supply Chain consultant in Canada, Mexico, and the US since 1997.

Q – Why did you choose to teach at Davenport University?

A – IPEx offers the adult student a perfect platform to blend continuing education with real world experiences, and facilitator expertise. As an instructor, I am always looking to help provide the education people need to succeed in their supply chain and business careers. The IPEx program provides the perfect venue to accomplish that.  

Q – What impact does training have on your students?

A – In the supply chain field, total knowledge of the supply chain from is what many employers look for in employees and many times, cannot find. This type of knowledge takes years to learn and compile. That is where the impact of training comes into play. When becoming APICS CPIM certified, the specific knowledge in the work of supply chain that would take years to learn on the job becomes focused, complete, and timely. This is what employers want and need, especially when looking for individuals to help solve their unique business challenges.

Q – What is a memorable moment from being a facilitator?

A – Many of the students that I teach today are employees of former students that I have taught. Not only does this show that the CPIM Certification series has lasting value for former students, but that they know the value of engaging their own employees and business with this program. As an instructor, this is very satisfying to see.

Q – Tell us a success story that has made an impact on you

A – One of the reasons I work as an instructor is to give back in the same way that I received teachings from my former instructors. The instructors that I had when I went through the CPIM Certification Series were some of the best supply chain practitioners in the region. This exposure not only allowed me to increase my income by 20%, but also provided me a pathway into upper management that I did not have previously. The same process and benefits that I had experienced through continuing education with APICS continues on a daily basis for myself and thousands of other professionals.

Q – What is the best advice you have received

A – Common sense is not so common.

Q – What is the best advice you can give?

A – Pay attention when chaos arises in business. It could be your big chance!

Programs & workshops he facilitates
  • Certified in Production Inventory Management (CPIM) Exam Prep
Fun facts about Tod Schwartz
  • Avid college football fan
  • Plays the bagpipes


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