Employees share #MyDU5

Over the last several weeks employees have been asked to participate in the #MyDU5 campaign. This campaign was designed to tell their DU story in just five words. All entries received either before DavenFest or during the pre-event activities were entered into a drawing for six prizes.

Nearly 50 employees participated in this campaign and the DavenFest planning committee randomly selected six winners.

Linda Goulet
Team meetings and ice cream #MyDU5
Amazon Gift Card winner

Kathy Aboufadel
DIRT. Davenport’s Diligent Data Reportees #MyDU5

Deb Brondsema
Education. Opportunity. Growth. Rewards. Fulfillment. #MyDU5

Brian Davis
Work where you can grow! #MyDU5

Bethany DeVine
Providing pathways to fulfilled lives! #MyDU5

Justine Shelton
DU: My Home, My Family #MyDU5



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