Alumni Success Story: Brett Radlicki, ’18

Brett Radlicki, ‘18, says he loves to apply creative solutions to difficult problems. Read more about Brett’s story:

Tell us about yourself!
I have lived in southeast Michigan for quite some time now. I have a wonderful wife, two college kids and a dog who pretty much thinks he’s a cat. I love to run, play the drums, hang out with my rapidly-evolving family, volunteer at Waypoint Church and create things. I have an MBA in Management from Davenport University. I have been able to apply that diverse education to a variety of industries. Over the past six years, I have been the manager of multimedia learning solutions at Trinity Health.

In a nutshell, what do you do?
In short, I love to apply creative solutions to difficult problems. I started my career in the visual design area of a marketing company, but I have been in the world of learning and development for the majority of my working life. The learning and development industry demands creative innovation and I just love it! We have a creative, talented team at Trinity Health and we all feel inspired by working for an organization that is truly serving those who need it most. Our team designs, builds and distributes the kind of learning solutions that allow our employees to succeed and serve. These learning solutions can vary from software training to leadership development skills, to teaching frontline colleagues how to detect the signs of human trafficking in ER patients.

Why did you choose Davenport University?
I picked DU for multiple reasons. They had a great reputation, strong values and the campus was right down the street from where I worked. I really valued the ability to choose between online or in-seat learning. And the tuition was a great value!

When you think of your experiences at Davenport what comes to mind?
Davenport does an excellent job of setting its students up to succeed. From the professors to the back office, there are people and resources to pick you up when you need it and guide you through the process. A lot of organizations tend to forget that, at some point, everyone is new to this kind of thing. Everyone is a “first time user” of higher ed at some point. Davenport didn’t forget that.

Who at DU made an impact on you?
My academic advisor was Angel Vianueva. She was so good at guiding me through my time at Davenport. And people like her are everywhere at DU. It is easy to overlook them when they are doing what they do, but if you don’t have people like that, then the students feel it right away. Professors like Brian Moore come to mind when I think of Davenport. Very few people have a passion for their craft that matches their passion for teaching it to others. He was not just a subject matter expert – he was an educator.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Like a lot of people, I have had my share of awards, accolades and accomplishments. However, I am starting to believe that my greatest “accomplishments” might be the accomplishments of others. My daughter got married recently, and it has made me think about things quite a bit. She is doing so well in life and it brings me great joy. My son is also starting to feel comfortable with himself and he is really developing into a thriving adult. I love watching them grow and succeed as a result of their own efforts. This is a source of joy that seems to outshine any personal accomplishment.

What is your dream job?
I love what I I am doing right now and, on many days, I consider it my dream job! However, my dream job tends to change daily. One day I’ll want to make animations for YouTube, the next day I’ll want to write books, then maybe I’ll want to join the circus! I am starting to figure out how to make every moment matter, and how to be fully present in what I am doing now. It is important to dream, but it is also important to enjoy the day-to-day process of fulfilling that dream. The balance is keeping one foot in the present and one in the future.

Who inspires you?
My boss, Seth Godin, and Jesus have been sources of inspiration for me. They are all examples of how to care deeply for others without expecting anything in return. I like that, and it inspires me to dig deeper.

What are you passionate about?
I love creativity. It is a great feeling to put two radically different things together in such a way that it makes a completely new experience. That passion is a blessing, but it can become a burden. The truth is that you can apply creative thinking to just about anything. If you don’t prioritize it, it can spread you pretty thin. I have been reading a book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown (I first learned about this particular author because of one of my professors at Davenport). The author has a quote that really applies to passionate people: “Many capable people are kept from getting to the next level of contribution because they can’t let go of the belief that everything is important.”

How do you want to be remembered?
I want to make an impact. Many people will measure their impact by the number of people that they touch. I believe that true impact can only be measured by the depth to which you can touch someone. To me, the biggest difference that we can make is when we have deeply affected someone’s life in a positive way.


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