Impassioned plans for impact

Davenport University students share their passions.

Paul Chittenden








“My passion is video production. Davenport has helped me formulate a business strategy from my creativity and use concepts I’ve learned as a business student to start a freelancing business where I develop digital marketing videos for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It also landed me an internship with Lake Michigan Credit Union as a video marketer.”

Paul is a senior from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and studying Marketing.

Ashley Matthis








“I have always had a passion for African American history and want to become a history professor. Davenport has helped my passion deepen through attending meetings with the Black Student Union Organization.”

Ashley is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and studying Legal Studies.









“My passion is sports, especially hockey. I have been a hockey player since I was about two years old. Davenport brought out my passion by allowing me to play for their hockey team. In 2011, DU hockey played in the National Championship, which was an amazing experience.”

Adron is a senior from Kentwood, Michigan, and studying Sports Management.

Breanna Miller Cropped








“My biggest passion is to help people. It’s a large reason why I chose nursing. Beyond my experience in nursing, Davenport has given me so many ways to be involved in the community and through volunteer projects such as being a Pack Leader for Panther Prowl and being a part of other organizations on campus.”

Breanna is a senior from Grand Haven, Michigan, and studying Nursing and health and human services case management.

Aaron Scott








“My greatest passion is making a difference to those I come in contact with in the healthcare field. It’s important to me that I make a lasting impression through my dedication, hard work, leadership and perseverance. Davenport has given me the opportunity to grow through the courses, instructors, clinical experience and classmates.”

Aaron is a senior from Saginaw, Michigan, studying Nursing Pre-Licensure.









“My passion is creating businesses and ideas that will impact the world in a big way. I want to leave a legacy by helping and supporting as many people as possible through business. Davenport professors have pushed me to be the best in what I do because they have their own passions and principles, which they show by fostering a relationship with their students. They care about their students on an individual-based level and on a community-based level.”

Jackson is a senior from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and studying Marketing.


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