Davenport University partnership helps companies invest in employee success

To attract and retain talent in today’s competitive hiring environment, investing in employee education and development is key to organizational success.

Davenport University recently signed an agreement with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to ensure that the state’s leading companies can help provide additional educational benefits to employees.

“Michigan companies often struggle to find the right people. Once you’ve hired and trained talented employees, it’s important to invest in their educational and professional growth,” said Daniel Rundhaug, executive director at Davenport University. “Studies show that investing in employees enhances retention, reduces turnover and helps you prepare employees for the next step in their careers at your company.”

The new Corporate Education Scholarship, offered to Michigan Chamber of Commerce member companies, provides scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. Scholarships are offered on a tiered system for the number and size of scholarships based on eligible employees.

“Davenport University has long been a key contributor to the success of Michigan businesses,” said Richard K. Studley, president and CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. “As Michigan businesses seek to fill the talent gap and continue to grow, they have a partner in Davenport, which is focused on career-oriented degrees in the disciplines of business, technology and health. We are proud to be able to work with Davenport to bring this outstanding scholarship program to our member companies.”

The scholarships can be used by new Davenport students only for undergraduate or graduate degree studies at any Davenport campus, including its online Global Campus. Key locations for Davenport include Grand Rapids, Detroit, Warren, Lansing, Midland and Holland, with additional locations within University Centers in Kalamazoo, Traverse City and Flint at community colleges across the state.

“We are excited about the potential this scholarship program offers to work with Michigan’s leading companies,” said Davenport University President Richard J. Pappas. “The degrees and education we provide contribute to business success by helping fill talent gaps. In addition, our Excellence System instills competencies that employers seek, such as written communication, critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, teamwork, and intercultural competence.”

Michigan Chamber of Commerce member companies seeking to learn more about Davenport University’s Corporate Education Scholarship program should contact Brian Doyle, director of member engagement and chamber advancement, at bdoyle@michamber.com or 517-371-7654.



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