Cooking up a passion for business: A family of entrepreneurs

Michael Havemeier, ’10, began working at Herman’s Boy, Inc. in Rockford, Michigan, at the age of six.

“My earliest memories are working the cash register under my dad’s supervision,” Havemeier said. “He would let me press the buttons and talk to customers. I remember ‘helping’ out my father and grandfather, learning from them even when I didn’t know I was, and listening to and seeing the passion they had for the business. Their passion and work ethic grew the business to what it is today.”

Herman’s Boy is a family business that started as a small cheese and meat shop in 1979 by Michael’s grandfather, father and uncle.

In nearly four decades of business, Herman’s Boy has grown yearly. Today it is five businesses rolled into one, including The Coffee Ranch, O’Fudge Candy Shoppe, The Cookery Nook and The Outdoor Cook.

“Our family takes pride in creating most of our products by hand,” Havemeier said. “If it isn’t me creating it, it is my dad or uncle. My passion comes from the feeling of knowing what I can do to make this business grow and provide for my family and many others.”

Havemeier’s Business degree and the W.A. Lettinga Charter Scholarship have played a big role in his family business.

“There are so many things I use every day that Davenport taught me and that I need to be successful and efficient,” Havemeier said. “It has been everything from how to conduct sales meetings, produce product information, and promote events, products and myself, as well as computer and managerial skills.”

Visit Herman’s Boy

220 Northland Dr. NE
Rockford, MI 49341

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