Faculty Spotlight: Tony McCutchen

Tony McCutchen, Associate Department Chair
Davenport University College of Technology

Tony McCutchen

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Confident. Fixer. Resourceful.

What is one word you would use to describe Davenport University?


Tell us about your background.

I grew up in Detroit. I went to the military 30 years ago. I was able to learn about electronics and I specialized in it. Then I became an officer in artillery and earned my bachelor’s degree from Davenport University. I worked for AIS Construction as an IT manager for about three years. I worked at Herman Miller in project management focusing on technology for about four years.  Since 2010, I have been with Davenport.

What do you teach at DU?

I teach security class, Microsoft classes, introserver classes, PC maintenance and operating classes and even some on the graduate level. I truly enjoy education and I think it is a gateway.

How has your experience at Davenport impacted you?

As an alum, Davenport treated me very well — from a student to where I am now. I want that same experience for my students. If you get in the right places and do the right things, you can accomplish goals. You have to have skills to help you achieve your goals and Davenport does very well at preparing our students. Nobody should be above learning. Right when you think you know everything you need know, a bright student will come and share something with you that reminds you that you still have so much to learn.

How have you seen Davenport make an impact on its students?

Last semester I taught seven classes. I taught some that were independent study classes so that students didn’t have to wait until after graduation to take the class and Davenport should be applauded for providing those opportunities to students. I am not alone when it comes to trying to help students get to where they need to go. All of the people I work with reach out to students and help. The team I work with is awesome. Everyone I have seen here at DU is willing to go the extra mile and work together to achieve student success. We have a mission and we do whatever it takes to deliver that.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business with a specialization in Computer Science from Davenport University
  • Master’s degree in Organizational Management from Spring Arbor University
  • Master’s degree in Post-secondary Education from Capella University

Quick facts:

  • Served as an elected officer on the University Advisory Council
  • Serves as a board member of The Academy of Business, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, which appeals to high school students with an interest in the field of business
  • A veteran of the United States Army National Guard and former captain in field artillery


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