Davenport recognizes students and student organizations

Last month Davenport University recognized students and student organizations at the annual Student Recognition Awards banquet.

The following faculty and staff members served as judges and carefully reviewed nominations: Angela Smith, Charmayne Mulligan, Gabriella Ziegler, Grant Lee, Greg Foster, John Jaksa, Karen McLaughlin, Kelly McCarron, Rebecca Hartel and Vivianne Moore.

Below are the finalists and winners for each category:

Emerging Leader of the Year

  • Winner: Daniel Caracheo
  • Finalists:
    • Erica Potter
    • Jesus Esparza
    • Johannes Boot
    • Madison Willmore

Panther Pride Award

  • Fartun Alemayehu (winner)
  • Kendall Flannery (finalist)

Student Leader of the Year

  • Winner: Kuana M. School
  • Winner: Zoey Hoffman
  • Finalists:
    • Allison Johnson
    • Drew Boatright
    • Harrison Fletcher
    • Kelly Hennessey
    • Stefana Rusu

Student Employee of the Year

  • Winner: Jake VandenBosch
  • Finalists:
    • Brittney TerBeek
    • Kelly Hennessey
    • Rachel Glupker
    • Tracy Mason

Student Volunteer of the Year

  • Winner: LaTarsha Holmes
  • Finalists:
    • Kuana M. School
    • Ruth B. Rush

Diversity Program of the Year

  • Winner: Beyond Colorblind
  • Finalists:
    • Drag Show
    • International Education Week

Educational Program of the Year

  • Winner: BPA Global Diversity Event: Unekwu Weston

Service Program of the Year

  • Winner: Alternative Spring Break
  • Finalists:
    • Letters for Heroes
    • Winter Act of Kindness Volunteer Event
    • World Kindness Day

Social Program of the Year

  • Winner: CAB Winter Formal
  • Finalists:
    • Dad Joke Off
    • Dodgeball & BDubs
    • Elf on the Shelf

Outstanding Officer of the Year

  • Winner: Stefana Rusus
  • Finalists:
    • Chynna Longmire
    • Corey Westenbroek
    • Disha Roddy
    • Kelsey Kuiper

Unsung Hero of the Year

  • Winner:┬áLisa Pennington
  • Finalists:
    • Haley Thomas
    • Kelsey Kuiper

RSO Advisor of the Year

  • Winner: Jenny Thurber
  • Finalists:
    • Ashley McKnight
    • Jodi Hicks
    • Linda LeSage
    • Vivianne Moore

RSO of the Year

  • Winners:
    • Buddy Program (new)
    • Lansing Student Government (established)
  • Finalists:
    • ASPIRE
    • B There or B Squared Math Club
    • Black Student Union
    • Global Student Organization


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