Meet international students at Davenport

Davenport University hosts many international students from all over the world. Meet six of the international students this year.


Country: Romania

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Computer Science

What is your favorite part about DU?

“I love the student organizations. It is the best part of DU. It gives you a chance to make friends and to get involved. Student life puts on so many great events too, like trips to Chicago and game nights.”

You are president of the Global Student Organization. How did you get involved with it?

“When I first started here, I did not know anyone. GSO took me in and I was a part of their events and such. However, a lot of them were seniors and they graduated that year. So then the following year, we didn’t really have that leadership so I stepped up and helped recruit more people. I have been president now for about two years.”

Are you involved in any other student organizations?

“In my first semester here, I got involved with Women in Technology. Then last year, I founded the Math Club.”

What is something that is very different about the U.S. than Romania?

“There are a few things. First, the fashion is really different here. Also, we do not really have a highway where I am from in Romania. Something that is really different to me is that people will say ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and then keep walking. They don’t wait for the answer.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

“I got married on Jan. 20. We met at DU about two years ago in my artificial intelligence class. We are both in Computer Science. I took him to Romania last year. That was interesting for him because I have a very large family that does not speak English.”



Country: United Kingdom

Class Standing: Junior

Major: Sports Management

What made you choose DU?

“When I was about 16, I got quite interested in coming to America, mainly because of tennis. I had a chat with the coach and really, really liked him. So I decided to sign.”

What is your favorite part about DU?

“My favorite part about Davenport is the people and DU’s environment. Everyone here is so friendly and so helpful. I haven’t really come across anyone who is not willing to help me. It is very community-based and I really like that aspect. It is really nice. You don’t feel like you’re walking around and being judged at all. It is more relaxed and you’re able to feel comfortable.”

What is the greatest challenge you face being an international student?

“The greatest challenge being here would be, like every international student, being away from home. Being away from a country that you have lived in for 18 years of your life.”

What is something that is different in America than the United Kingdom?

“The culture here is different. Even sometimes the language. Even though it is English, I sometimes do not understand some of the words. There is a lot of slang terms. Also, everything is so spread out here. Back home, buildings and just everything is so much closer together.”

Martyna 1

Country: Poland

Class Standing: Junior

Major: International Business

What made you choose DU?

“I got recruited for the basketball team. Also, I really liked the school and the dorms. I found the whole environment very welcoming.”

What is your favorite thing about DU?

“I think overall Grand Rapids is a really cool city. There is always something you can do.”

Are you a part of any student organizations?

“I am on the Basketball Team and I am a part of the Campus Activity Board.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I love basketball and working out. I like to do arts and crafts, especially painting. I like video making and am learning how to play the piano, and attempting to learn Spanish. Also, I love to take walks when it’s nice outside.”

What is something that we do differently here than in Poland?

“People back home are a little different than Americans. We are more reserved and less welcoming to strangers, most likely due to the wars and the lack of trust it brought onto our ancestors. No one ever leaves their car unlocked in a parking lot or in front of their house, which I still find surprising here.”

Roheema Bennett

Country: Jamaica

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: Business Management

Why did you choose DU?

“I chose Davenport because it offered me a great opportunity to further my studies and play soccer at the same time.”

What is your favorite thing about DU?

“I enjoy the people the most because they are so welcoming and friendly.”

What is your favorite holiday?

“My favorite holiday in the U.S. is July 4 because everyone gets together at the poolside or backyard to have a good time. My favorite Jamaican holiday is Christmas because I get to eat homemade Christmas cake and sorrel.”

Are you a part of any student organizations?

“I am looking into becoming a Pack Leader, which helps freshmen become comfortable with the new environment of college.”


Country: Northern Ireland

Class Standing: Junior

Major: Legal Studies

Why did you choose DU?

“My parents wanted me to come to the U.S. because they thought it would help me grow. Since there is no pathway back home where I could play tennis and study at the same time, I wanted to come to America. I had never been to DU before, but everything financially fell into place and it seemed like a great school. I am very happy that I chose DU.”

What do you like most about DU?

“I like the small class sizes and the relationship you can have with professors. Normally, you have that. There is also a good legal program here.”

What is something that is different in America than at home?

“I think the biggest thing is the scale. The state of Michigan is like three times the size of Ireland and, if you do not have a car here, it is really hard to get around. You have to drive such a long time to get to everything. Where I am from, I am only a mile from the bus stop and town. What would be like a 15 to 20 minute walk here would be like a 4 to 5 minute walk back home. There is just so much more space here.”

Country: China

Class Standing: Senior

Major: International Business

What made you chose DU?

“My university has a partnership with DU, so students can transfer here. I came for a different experience and to improve my English.”

What is your favorite thing about DU?

“I love the student life activities and Global Student Life Organization. Also, the professors at DU. They are very kind and always willing to help me.”

What is a challenge you face being an international student?

“My English isn’t very good, so sometimes it’s hard to understand what people are saying. Professors are always willing to repeat something for me and help me understand.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

“I love to dance.”


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