The changing DU student profile

Compared to 2008, Davenport University’s student profile has evolved.

“We have noticed some interesting changes in our student profile. More Davenport students are seeking bachelor’s degrees, living on campus, and taking online courses.  They are also more likely to be traditional-aged and have a higher GPA,” said Kathy Aboufadel, vice president of Institutional Research and Assessment.

Comparing student profiles

2008 Student Profile 2017 Student Profile
  • 2.8 HS GPA
  • 31% traditional age
  • 37% male
  • 2% military connection
  • 3% student-athletes
  • 3% residential
  • 36% taking only online classes
  • 35% full time
  • 47% seeking a bachelor’s degree
  • 3.1 HS GPA
  • 42% traditional age
  • 44% male
  • 7% military connection
  • 11% student-athletes
  • 11% residential
  • 42% taking only online classes
  • 50% full time
  • 66% seeking a bachelor’s degree

The Data Book, which compiles trend data on students, courses and faculty, is available to internal audiences. It includes data on enrollment, retention and persistence, the student profile, student outcomes, the faculty/staff profile and service area maps.

“The intent is to provide reliable, easily accessible data for you to assist in decision-making,” Aboufadel said.


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