Students to share their passions through DU’s Day of Research

Davenport University’s Day of Research provides a showcase for students and faculty to share projects and research through posters, papers and presentations.

“Day of Research provides a showcase for students and faculty to share their original work. While the event gives us an opportunity to educate the DU community on the process of research, we’re especially excited to share Davenport’s stories about the creative research our classmates and colleagues are doing,” said Kriss Ferluga, Co-Director of DU’s Center for Teaching Excellence.

Students who wish to participate in this year’s Day of Research must submit proposals by Monday, Feb. 19. The event takes place Wednesday, April 4. Students can submit their research paper, poster or project, and compete for cash awards at the event.

Ferluga said students should look beyond traditional research papers when considering entering.

“Research can take so many different forms,” Ferluga said. “Depending on their classes or internships, our students could be designing business plans, marketing proposals, digital media, technology applications, websites, documentary films, and more, and all of these projects are welcome at the Day of Research.”

Kuana School, a nursing student at DU’s Lansing Campus, has participated in past years. School is a student-faculty researcher under Laura Harris in the Bioinformatics Lab.

“We do predictive investigation with the genetics of bacteria in effort to identify things like sites of mutation and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance,” School said. “Since last year was not my first time participating in DU’s Day of Research, it wasn’t too nerve-racking. I enjoyed sharing our finding to the panel of judges, but realized that they did not fully understand my presentation. I am working harder at translating the information into more of layman’s terms for future.”

In June 2016, School was the lead author of Davenport University’s first scientific journal publication.

“Becoming a researcher has increased my value as a future nurse, and opened up more paths of opportunity for my nursing careers choices— such as infectious disease/immunology for public health, clinical trials, the CDC or NIH,” School said. “I love the idea that I may be able to positively impact the health of more than just a few patients at a time.”

The annual Day of Research event is hosted at the W.A. Lettinga Campus in Grand Rapids. Students and faculty who are unable to present at the on-campus event may do so virtually, using real-time online technology. The Day of Research includes an invited keynote speaker, presentations, and is followed by an award ceremony and reception. It is also live-streamed to all other DU campuses.


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