How DavenFund helped the accounting team make a Great Escape in 2017

Last June, Davenport University staff from the Office of Accounting Services came together to face The Great Escape Room with the help of a DavenFund.

DavenFund is designed to help staff and faculty increase productivity and efficiency by funding requests ranging from $100 to $2,000.

Deb Brondsema, assistant controller for the Office of Accounting Services, worked alongside her team to face the challenges in The Great Escape. The group of about 25 people built their teamwork and communication skills along the way, she said.

“This team building event gave us the opportunity to interact with each other in a setting other than our office,” Brondsema said. “It gave us a broader perspective and a better understanding of each other.”

The Great Escape Room brings in groups to face the challenge of escaping the room that requires part scavenger hunt and part puzzle-solving. Teams have one hour to work together, use the given clues and obtain the key to escape the room.

“There was a different interaction and a different dynamic,” she said. “It gave us the opportunity to interact with each other in a totally different setting, outside of our roles.”

Brondsema recommends staff and faculty members apply for a DavenFund for individual or team needs.

“I think DavenFund is a wonderful opportunity because in a time of tight budgets, this provides an opportunity to receive additional funding,” Brondsema said. “Look for ways to use it in things that your budget won’t support. Look for ways to get yourself and your staff some training. Look for ways to help develop better communication with your team.”

Applications for DavenFund are open now through Feb. 16. Learn more at


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