Equity through access for students with disabilities

ADHD, learning disabilities, food allergies and physical impairments. These are only a few examples of instances when Davenport University provides accommodations for students with disabilities. Helping oversee these efforts Campus Life Coordinator Kassy Clark.

“Over 200 students at DU need some sort of accommodation inside or outside of the classroom,” Clark said. “We want to make it equitable for every student learner to come here and be on the same playing field.”

DU also provides temporary accommodations for temporary conditions — such as an athlete who was physically injured and needs an accessible room during recovery.

Clark develops accommodation plans to fit the students’ needs across all DU campuses and helps walk parents and students through the process.

“Unless a student tells us they need an accommodation, we won’t know about it,” she said.

Clark’s familiarity with campus helps her serve students. She started at DU in 2013 as a student affairs systems coordinator and has worked in several roles since.

“I look forward to being able to take the knowledge from my previous experience and learning my new role to help the team in whatever ways I can,” Clark said.

Students who need accommodations due visual or hearing impairments, mobility impairments, health conditions, psychological disabilities and temporary disabilities can begin the process of requesting accommodations by submitting documentation.


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