Mental health resources available 24-7 to students

As students prepare for final exams and face the stresses of everyday life, Davenport University offers mental health services and interactive events to help them find balance and manage their stress in a healthy way.

All DU students have access to WellConnect, a free 24-hour hotline that connects them directly to a counselor. At the W.A. Lettinga Campus, students also can meet with counselors through Pine Rest in-person by appointment or during walk-in hours for free.

“College is a trying time for a lot of students,” said Joe Bishop, Executive Director of Campus Life. “It’s a time where students are discovering themselves, discovering their needs and counseling is a great resource.”

The counselors help connect students to local resources, as needed, if they are facing financial, legal, housing or food issues.

DU has offered WellConnect for nearly five years. Pine Rest’s counseling services were increased to 40 hours a week last year to help meet the additional need from students.

“It has been a great service that DU has been able to provide and students seem to really gravitate towards it,” Bishop said.

Speaking up when someone needs help

Bishop encourages students to share mental health information with their peers if they see a need. If they aren’t sure how to help a fellow student, they can reach out to the Center of Campus Life or submit a report.

“If you have a concern or there are any red flags that you are seeing from a student, feel free to submit a report or reach out to us,” Bishop said. “We will keep it confidential. We just want to make sure that all of our students are safe and secure.”

Making time to manage stress during finals

For students managing the stress of final exams, they can take advantage of events happening on campus.

“The events are planned to help students bring their stress levels down,” Bishop said. “But the most important thing is to get your sleep. Make sure you exercise, prioritize and talk to someone if there are real concerns. Do not be afraid to ask for help because that is why we are here.”


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