Balanced Scorecard now presented visually

The Davenport University Balanced Scorecard is now presented in a visual format in WebFocus Managed Reporting. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are represented through gauges and charts which have drill-down reports.

The Balanced Scorecard is used to measure DU’s progress toward its vision. The BSC measures represent DU’s Five Focus Areas: Academic and Student Success, Operational Excellence, Workforce Engagement, Community Involvement, & Financial Viability.

This project is the result of collaboration between Institutional Research and Information Technology. Individuals involved included Laura Baillod, Janet Maschke, Kerry Prentice, Eric Pung and Marylee van den Heuvel.

The team is diligently working on the security requirements to make the BSC available to the entire DU community. The scorecard will be available on the internal DU website.

For those of you without a WebFocus login, stay tuned! The scorecard will be available on the internal DU website so you will only need your standard DU login.


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