Lansing students engage with DU’s resources at fair

Lansing Campus staff and faculty teamed up to present this year’s Student Services Fair in late September. The annual event, “Start, Stay, and Succeed,” is an effort to help students learn about campus resources that can make the difference in their success at DU.

Students received a “passport” and “map” to various displays from 12 campus departments ranging from Admissions and Advising to Testing and Tutoring Services.

“It’s good for us to get to know the staff,” student Vanessa Walker said. “The campus has a big, homey, family atmosphere.”

Establishing and maintaining that kind of atmosphere is connected to goals outlined in the Lansing Campus Strategic Plan. The Student Services Fair was one of the activities specified with the goal of improving student retention and student satisfaction.

“I like that you’re not alone here,” student Hunter Almond said. “Left or right, wherever you turn, there’s someone to help you.”


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