Alumni Success Story: Eric Killough, ‘06

Retired Coast Guard Chief Eric Killough, ‘06 has had several lifetimes of achievements already and is now setting his sights on a business platform he created in Slovenia to help young people reach their highest potential. Learn more about Eric’s story as a mentor, entrepreneur and coach below.

Tell us about yourself!
I am originally from Seal Beach, California. I am a retired Coast Guard Chief. I live full time on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the small Central European country of Slovenia. In 2008, I created the concept “Navdih Amundsen,” which means maximizing human potential through dedication, endurance and persistence. I seek out opportunities to assist people in achieving self-fulfillment or opportunity.  For example, I help young Slovenians find academic and athletic success through attending college and taking advantage of opportunities in the USA. Some of the activities involve 1-on-1 mentoring geared towards “life path projecting”, goal setting, personal financial management, or meeting physical fitness objectives. My desire to help young people is rooted from my time as a Coast Guard Chief and in a position of influence over younger men & women. I have assisted and guided many towards earning their college degrees.

Along with my Navdih Amundsen project, I am an English tutor and the facilitator of a Conversational English program at Srednja Tehniška Šola, a college preparatory high school in Koper, Slovenia. Perhaps my most rewarding work has been as an American football coach. In 2015, I started the American Football Klub at Srednja Tehniška Šola Koper. Aside from being a retired Coast Guard Chief, tutor, teacher, coach, real estate investor and mentor, I am also a certified personal trainer which fits perfectly with my coaching and mentoring responsibilities.

As a graduate of DU, when you think of your experience what comes to mind?
My first thought is always how grateful I am that the program I wanted was available when I needed it. I’ve always been a traveler and interested in the global community. While pursuing my MBA it was awesome to have fellow graduate students from Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Serbia, Canada and, of course, the USA. It really added to my understanding, as a student of global business, of foreign cultures and ideas. With 11 years gone since completing my MBA, I am still close with my number one collaborator from school and that means a lot to me. And as these years have gone by I’ve become prouder and prouder of the direction that Davenport University is going. I’m proud to be part of a growing legacy.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Personally, I have been on all seven continents, circumnavigated the globe twice, swam in four of the five oceans, and crossed the Atlantic on a ship. I have been a competitive weight lifter and earned my way onto the Wall of Fame at Aviano Air Base, Aviano Italy. In 2010, I placed 3rd in the Slovenian Open National Bench Press Championship for males over 40 years old. I earned my MBA from Davenport University, which is my proudest academic accomplishment. Professionally, making Chief in the Coast Guard. I was a member of a four man crew of awesome Coast Guardsmen at Coast Guard Recruiting Office Detroit. We were selected, out of 104 recruiting offices in the entire USA, as 2006 National Recruiting Office of the Year – the same year I received my MBA from Davenport. I also feel that starting the American Football Klub at Srednja Tehniška Šola Koper and succeeding with my rental property and equity trading is a huge accomplishment.

But if there was one thing I’d say, if I had to say just one thing and label it “biggest accomplishment” I’d say it is being financially independent and in a position to help others and having the results to show for it.

What has inspired you to serve others?
Because so many people have helped me. My biological mother lived in a car. I was placed for adoption at birth and adopted by an awesome family. I went from the back seat of a car to Seal Beach, Orange County, California. I often tell people that the reason I don’t play the lottery is that I already won it. My parents gave me an incredible life. They instilled in me the importance of education, reading, and financial discipline. My father, Hadley William Killough II, my former Little League baseball coach, Jack Snow, and John Landers, who recruited me to the Coast Guard, taught me so much about respect, effort, and confidence, which lead me to the right path. Also while working as a recruiter myself, and second in command of recruiting for Southeastern Michigan, I worked under the leadership of Fred Napoleone. He showed me how to play cool under pressure, think outside the box, and connect with people in a way that inspires. Helping others is what I am wired to do.

What is your dream job?
My dream job would be to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Regrettably, I’m terrible at baseball.

I would eventually like to work for a small university or community college and share my experiences with students. Help them dream a little bigger by setting the goals that will lead to making those dreams come true.

What do you do when you are not working?
I read, swim in the sea, hike, weight lift, drink a bit of beer, go to church, and spend time with my two daughters.


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