IPEx Success Story: Nichole Konyndyk

Nichole Konyndyk is clearly a firm believer in education. In 2014, she completed two bachelor’s degrees at Calvin College: a BS in Psychology and a BA in Business, Human Resources. Nichole participated in a semester study abroad at York St. John College in York, England and spent 10 months as an intern at HR Collaborative, a position that led to a full-time role upon graduation.

She has worked as an HR Associate for HR Collaborative for the past three years.  Nichole’s participation in the winter 2017 session of the SHRM Certification Exam Preparation course at Davenport University’s Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx) has led to her most recent success of earning her SHRM-CP credential.

She shares her story below:

Q: What motivated you to participate in the course?

A: I was motivated to participate in the course because I wanted to have a structured study schedule, and be able to have discussions and learn from other HR professionals with different backgrounds and industry knowledge.  That is exactly what I received.  The classes and conversations were insightful and beneficial, not only for the test, but everyday life as an HR professional.

Q: What were some of the most valuable takeaways from the program?

A: HR needs to strive every day to be leaders that the organization can rely on to help drive the company’s strategy and make sure the company has the right talent to get there.

Q: How have your participation in the course and earning your SHRM-CP had a positive impact and helped you to achieve your goals?

A: Earning the Certification has given me more confidence in my role as an HR professional and more credibility with the clients I serve.  I had a goal to be a certified professional, and this class helped me achieve that goal the first time I tested.



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