Students Inducted Into National Honor Society of Upsilon Phi Delta

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, the Induction Ceremony for Health Services Administration undergraduate student honor society, Upsilon Phi Delta (UPD), was held at the Lansing Campus.

Upsilon Phi Delta is the national academic honor society for students pursuing a degree and career in Health Care Administration. The mission of UPD is to recognize and reward students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the study of health care management and policy. Inductees’ names are added to the national roster of distinguished members, and the prestige of being a UPD National Honor Society member strengthens and confirms their qualifications and dedication to future employers.

Congratulations to the following students who were inducted:

  • Darian Adams
  • Tracie Bell
  • Stephen Bolin
  • Tasha Brutsche
  • Tara Crabb
  • Lori Caputo
  • Sabato Caputo
  • Kym Dice
  • Angela Hubert
  • Christina Ingraham
  • Patricia Kopulos
  • Rachael Strang Melendez
  • Hilary Mills
  • Andrea Moore
  • Ashley Ruthruff
  • Jessica Stiener


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