Grow Existing Accounts and Win New Customers with IPEx’s Certificate of Sales Fundamentals!

IPEx is excited to announce a new certificate program available in Grand Rapids this spring. The Certificate of Sales Fundamentals is a comprehensive four-day program that provides knowledge, skills and tools to develop and execute effective plans for growing existing accounts and winning prospective opportunities. Students learn to target the right customers, identify the right opportunities, and utilize relationship selling strategies to maximize sales effectiveness.

Whether you’re just starting out in sales or looking to advance in your existing position, in the Certificate of Sales Fundamentals, you’ll develop a strong set of core competencies to help you achieve your sales goals.  You will learn how to focus on the right customers, develop an effective sales strategy, and use relationship selling approaches to help your customers win.  In this program you will apply a methodology to increase sales volume, uncover needs, identify value, and present a solution to effectively close the sale.

A sales professional who has been well-trained will sell more per visit while cementing a long-term relationship with the customer to ensure many more visits and sales in the future.  Maximize your sales effectiveness with the Certificate of Sales Fundamentals.  Classes begin May 18, 2017.

Visit to learn more or call 616-233-2589.


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