Heard About DU’s Employment Guarantee?

Are you aware of the DU Employment Guarantee?

The Employment Guarantee provides additional semesters of education for graduates who have met all requirements but are unable to find employment within six months of graduation. Since it launched with the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in August 2014, about 100 students have graduated with eligibility for the guarantee, but all have either gained employment, were already employed, or are currently enrolled in a graduate program.

The Guarantee is available for all students seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing/Pre-licensure Program, Bachelor of Science in Network Management and Security, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.

To be eligible, students must achieve a final GPA of 3.0 or better and have completed the program within six years of start. In addition, students must complete an internship and other experiential learning components, be eligible for legal employment in the U.S., and conduct a thorough, documented job search. Nursing graduates also must successfully pass their state board exams following graduation to be eligible.

Qualified graduates unable to find employment may receive up to three additional semesters – up to 48 credits total – of instruction tuition-free, with students responsible for fees and books. The additional courses would help most students obtain a second major or complete most of a master’s degree.

Complete details about the Davenport University Employment Guarantee are available here. To apply, click here.


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