Alternative Spring Break Heads to New Orleans to #DUgood

Alternative BreakDavenport University’s Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Program is sending 18 students to New Orleans February 25 – March 3 to assist with flood prevention and recovery through ecosystem restoration. The area first experienced a devastating loss in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, and thousands of homes are still being lost due to devastating floods in the area, with damage from the floods rivaling that of Hurricane Katrina. The area was also recently hit with tornadoes, further adding to the damage and loss within the area.

The ASB crew will be playing a small part in providing aid to the area and its residents. The group will help repair the local ecosystem through planting water-absorbing plants and trees and will assist in removing debris and invasive species in the area. These efforts will help restore and preserve both the homes and natural environment in the area.

To prepare for the trip, the group has been participating in countless meetings, several training sessions, and a weekend volunteer event at Howard Christensen Nature Center.

The ASB group appreciates all of the support they get from both the DU and local community, and is very excited to embark on their trip!


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