Alumni Success Story: Nick Kuncaitis ’10

Nick Kuncaitis ’10 is a network security graduate who is the third generation to work at K Group Companies, started by his grandpa in 1980. He was featured in the most recent issue of the DU Review. Missed it? Check it out below.

Nick, who graduated in 2010 with a BAS in Network Security and Biometric Security, always knew he wanted to work at his family business started by his grandpa, Mike Kuncaitis Sr.

“My grandpa started his first IT company, Data Consultants Inc., in 1980,” said Nick.  “I admired his ability to service clients’ needs through innovative IT solutions especially during the rapid growth of technology. Today their main focus is providing security solutions for enterprises around the country.”

After college, Nick started to develop skills and valuable knowledge to prepare him to return to the family business. For four years, he worked for the State of Michigan’s Department of Technology Management and Budget department as a website developer and project manager.

“Timing just seemed right,” Nick said. “After discussion with my family, I was presented with the opportunity to work for the business and I jumped on it!”

Nick works as a field technician for Standard Computer Systems, one of four technology companies under the K Group Companies umbrella. “I travel to different business in the greater Grand Rapids area, and provide IT consultation and support. I work with customers to create IT plans for the future, fix equipment, provide solutions and assist with managing their IT infrastructure. Many organizations cannot afford a full-time IT person, and even if they can, one person quite often cannot provide the vast skills a team of it people can provide and that is where we come in.”

“It is hard to put into words why I wanted to work for K Companies Inc. when I was young, but the reasons I am here now are pretty meaningful. The job aligns better with my interests and passions and the atmosphere is uplifting.  Most importantly, I am able to carry on the innovative legacy that my grandpa started 36 years ago.”


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