Alumni Success Story: Kaylani Rubley ’14 BSN

I wasn’t just a number, I was a name!

“Kaylani call 911!, screamed Kaylani’s father from the other room. Then she heard him say it again, “Kaylani, call 911, your mother is having a seizure!” From that day on, Kaylani knew she wanted to be an Emergency Room Nurse to help people like her mom. Her mother has had four brain tumors, three craniotomies, and two rounds of radiation and has been strong ever since. Kaylani was able to put her passion of helping people like her mom, into action right away as a nursing student.

“My experience at Davenport University was awesome! DU was a perfect fit for me. I wasn’t just a number, I was a name.” stated Kaylani. “I especially loved that I was admitted into the nursing program as a freshman.” said Kaylani. She also loved the hands-on experience and the amount of clinical hours that was required for the program, giving her the most amount of time as possible to be with patients.  The program is very unique, in that many of the professors are nursing professionals and share real-life experiences with the students.  Kaylani was also able to do an externship at Metro Health and worked for a few months as a Nursing Student while she studied for her nursing exam. After months of studying, she passed her nursing exam thanks to the amazing preparation of DU staff and professors. Today, Kaylani works at Metro Health as an Emergency Nurse.  She believes DU’s nursing program prepared her for all the types of patients she sees. Between broken bones to headaches, Kaylani is saving lives.

Kaylani loved her experience at DU and loves her job as an ER nurse even more! When she isn’t working or recovering from working a 3pm- 3am shift, she likes to spend time with family and friends, be outside, and play sports.

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